Live True to the Faith: Symbol & Theme

Gilbert Arizona Temple Cultural Celebration

LT: The Live True Symbol

The Live True logo is made up of a capital L and T representing Live True. Together they form a rectangular viewing window through which we “set our sights” on the temple. When the “L” and “T” are made with the hands, it becomes a positive hand gesture we can share among other members of the church and nonmembers as a reminder to “Live True” to our personal standards and beliefs. The purpose of the Cultural Celebration is to encourage us all to set the focus of our personal viewfinder on the Gilbert Arizona Temple.

Live True: Cultural Celebration Theme

WELCOME to the Gilbert Arizona Temple Cultural Celebration! This Celebration is for YOU and 12,000 other youth to unite in bearing your testimonies, helping to ‘Rescue’ others, and have your lives changed! Through music and dance, you will have the opportunity to walk with heroes from our past who LIVED TRUE to the faith, all the way to heroes living right now who choose to LIVE TRUE. By joining with us in this Celebration you will experience the MIRACLES that our new Temple will bring.

This celebration is about YOU, our modern-day youth who are fighting the greatest battle that has ever been fought on this earth. We celebrate each day that you LIVE TRUE to the faith. Whether it’s in choosing who you associate with, or what you wear, or what you expose your body and mind to, every time you make a decision to LIVE TRUE and follow Christ, you are to be celebrated! This is how we remain faithful and make the decision to stay on the road to the Temple.

We invite you to join with us as we celebrate the Dedication of our new Gilbert Temple. This Temple will literally change thousands of lives now and for generations to come! Join us, and witness for yourselves the miracles that will occur as we travel on the road to the Temple!